The favorite photo!!

                                                   This is my personal favorite ... Enjoy! 
      This is one of my favorite trees on our hike!!

Hiking this last weekend!!

Eric and I went hiking on Saturday it was warm and beautiful out.. there is a lake near us,
(nothing like Tahoe) but it has good hiking and swimming for the dogs..
 I took some great photos and saw some beautiful wildflowers!!

Not much going on here..

There is really no much to report on only that it is HOT.. the garden is loving it though things are growing like Crazy!! And we have been dog sitting for some Tahoe friends their dog Hobie is  an absolute riot!! Jenna is loving it and Rocket really thinks he is a dog.. Silly cat!

Here is my new favorites....

I love to garden as many of you know and so does my sweet man Eric. So this is what we have been up to in our new back yard. It is great we have 30 herbs & veggies growing. I am ever so amazed how you plant something, water it wait.. and they start to poke out of the ground.
 I feel like I am five again! 
Every morning I catch Eric outside checking out what has come up... and soaking up the sun.
 Simple joys....

These are the best things in life.

So we have moved!
We now live in Santa Rosa, about 3 blocks from downtown! It is fabulous and in a really great neighborhood....

I am a slacker and I know it.

So this is to all of you that wonder if we ( I ) am alive still and kicking!! We are. We are living in Santa Rosa Ca oh yes it is great and no snow that is so wonderful! But we do miss Tahoe a lot it was an amazing place to live that is for sure. So here is an updated photo of my sweet man an I, and some of our fabulous animals!!

Look we're ALIVE!!!!

So I know that probably those of you that have our blog link on your blogger think I am lame cause it's never updated, well I am sorry, but I live in Lake Tahoe and the internet up here is LAME too!! So we just got wireless connection to the Nordic center across the street from our house so I can now update our BLOG Horray!!